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Ask The Cover (featuring Amoresels)

Greetings everyone!

I am proud to be hosting the cover reveal of All Authors Family member Multi-Genre Author Synful Desire. It has been a while since she's had an independent release. Her return has not been highly anticipated but the literature is coming in piping hot!

Check out my spot in a few days where Synful Desire will discuss the content.

First, though, let's present the cover!

The most savory and steamy can be found in the tiniest most unexpected locations.

Amoresels is an erotic flash fiction anthology crafted to satiate the rush for the ultimate stimuli quickie. Ranging from tantalizing teasers to eye opening kinks, Amoresels is a bold, unapologetic cornucopia of sensual liberation.

The lips look very real. Do they belong to the author?

Hmmm … that is a very interesting question indeed. I would like to believe so, but I don’t have eyes, so I can’t say for sure. However, imagining that a random picture of lips was used on the cover is just as weird a concept. To make me feel at ease, I’m going to go with yes. I’d hate to be accused of theft.

Why are the cherries on the cover?

That’s my question too! I honestly think cherries are overrated. Sure, one can stick the tip of the tongue between the stem and the whole balancing act crap is sexy. However, other fruits can be sexy, like strawberries, watermelon, red grapes … just saying. Maybe the author likes cherries or feels the target audience likes cherries. For the record, I don’t.

Would you have picked this font for the cover?

The font is my favorite actually. It’s pretty fun. I want to be a fun cover.

Do the different colors hold any significance to you or the author?

I don’t spend time rummaging in the author’s brain so I’m going to speak for myself. Red represents passion. Green represents energy. Yellow represents happiness. Blue represents trust. It all goes together, I think.

If you could take a trip into the mouth on the cover, what would the inside look like?

The teeth would be well kept. Nary a cavity in sight. If it’s very early morning, minty from Listerine mouthwash. As the day moves on, the scent of coffee beans. Occasionally, some chocolate, if one’s in the mood for something sweet or low salt kettle chips if needing something salty. It’s not unpleasant, that’s for certain.

Other than cherries, what could have been the fruit on the cover?

Strawberries. Watermelon (sans the seeds). Red grapes. A peach or plum could substitute if none of the other three are available.

Are the lips on the cover drooling, or are they just that juicy?

Perhaps it’s a mix of both. That’s my take.

Apart from lips, what else could have been the main image?

Eyes would have been nice. Or even just one eye, serving as a mirror to reflect what’s inside. But I may have been miscategorized as a horror book. I don’t like scary things. No, scratch that! Lips were the safer bet.

Greeting, Cover. It is a pleasure. How impressed and/or satisfied are you with the content of the pages between you?

I like being warm. I am warm all the time. Not sure what was put in here but it gives me a fuzzy feeling.

If you could represent different content, what would that be and why?

You will probably laugh but a children’s book. Some of the primary colors children use are in play and it’s nice for children to have feel good stories to combat things in the world that can make them sad, angry, and depressed. It would put smiles on their faces. I’d probably change my title though. Maybe “Heartbeats” or “Joyous Bits”.

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