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Ask The Cover: Featuring "Pleasure Prints"

Hello and welcome!

Today, the All Authors Publishing House family is offering up a big treat. Please sit back, relax and enjoy this unique Cover Reveal for the upcoming anthology collection called, "Pleasure Prints: Divergent Ink Book 2".

Before giving you a glimpse at the cover, we here at All Authors decided to interview the cover. No one knows the cover concept than the cover itself.

Without further ado ... We present you with the first ever "All Authors Ask the Cover Interview".

1) Why the rainbow colors as part of the design?

I do worry about the rainbow colors for two reasons. First one is because those kind of colors are your signature Lady Desire and I would hate to look like I am a copycat. Second is because some people may mistake me as an erotica or LGBTQIA classification instead of a short story anthology. Other than that it's fine.

2) How do you feel about your backdrop always being black?

It is my favorite part. It makes me versatile. A number of colors can work on me.

3) Do you like your dimensions being smaller than the typical 6 x 9 size? Elaborate on the answer.

Well, the truth is that I don’t mind either size. It isn’t the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean. Right? Right … I think.

But honestly though, I like to think that the 5 X 8 is fun sized, and Divergent Ink is nothing if not fun to read.

4) Why both foot and finger prints?

This collection’s main title is Pleasure Prints. So, I thought that it would be important to show a variation in prints because it would speak to the versatility in the content as well as the theme of the book. Also, different prints leave different impressions. At the end of the day, that is what Divergent Ink is all about, giving the audience a variation of interpretations for a single question.

5) If you had a choice about what order to put the stories in inside of you, how would you organize them?

Well, either by length or by emotion.

Length, from shortest to longest, because it builds up reading endurance. If one has the longest story first, the reader may mistake the rest of the works as being just as long as the first one. Humans don't have the greatest attention spans.

Emotion, from solemn to sunny. Most like the happily ever after in the end. Plus, with a title like Pleasure Prints, shouldn't the end result be a pleasant one?

6) You seem to like abstract art as opposed to realistic art, why is that?

I do a prefer abstract over realistic. The reason is because perception is reality. The Divergent Ink collection gives us a myriad of theories based on one fundamental question. Since perception is reality, there is no black and white, meaning the clarity of the answer may not be so straightforward. The reason that abstract art fits Divergent Ink so well is because it “sits in grey”. This means, that everyone can come up with their own hypothesis of what and why.


Divergent Ink is the mesh of different frames of thoughts, various interpretations of one core question that yearns for universal expansion. Although the subject matter may change every year, the purpose of the Divergent Ink series will remain the same.The second book in the Divergent Ink anthology series, “Pleasure Prints”, revolves around the following question:

Where is paradise?

Six Divergent Inks exploring Pleasure Prints. Will the destination cause one to sip a tropical cocktail or cock an eyebrow in amazement?


Adonis Mann: Desperation and delusion are a marriage of emotions. Sentiments collide when three lives tell their tales. Hypnotizing and melancholic are the days of the souls who pursue the "Odyssey of Rhapsody".

C. Desert Rose: Helena can be cumbersome and crude, while her life is at a standstill, she likes it that way. Amidst the orange glow of office lights and a steaming cup of hot chocolate, Helena learns that life is a series of "Fleeting Moments".

Da'Kharta Rising: For Masato, there's no time like the present. Is no limit too great to accomplish “Masato's Zion”?

Synful Desire: Cecilia Teflon knows she doesn't have much time left. Before she leaves this earth, she must make a confession. Will this revelation grant her entrance into spiritual paradise? Explore the twists and turns of “Onus”.

Queen of Spades: Axana has always lived a very careful life but a lucrative advertisement shreds her comfort zone. Paradise is where one least expects in “Axana … Unscripted”.

Y. Correa: Myth or memory, which can it be? A life so scripted can be less than desirable. To go or to stay, it is that question that leaves, "Nalani at Heaven's Gates".

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