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Poetry Feature 23: Imprisoned by Stigma

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a terrific Thursday thus far. On Day 23 of National Poetry Month, the light continues to shine on Waves to Light.

Today I address the issue of stigma and how one can get trapped by it in "Imprisoned by Stigma."

Imprisoned by Stigma

TV flashing images of the instability of old.

Unkempt individuals saying illegible jargon,

Getting shocked with electronic nodes.

Walls painted in the gruesome alabaster white

With matching straitjackets and

Patients secured nice and tight.

Sitting on my blanket accessing the conundrum of now.

I keep looking for the hope, but I can’t see the how.

I can’t dare to cry for the help I desperately need:

Fear of being linked to those stereotypes on the screen.

My mom would scream, “That’s not my child!”

Everyone else would simply say, “She’ll be gone for a while.”

“She decided to take a bit of a vacation.”

The best way to take full control

Of an awkward situation.

I have to put spiritual Vaseline

In the rips of my tattered soul,

Praying every day and night

That the ointment will hold.

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