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Rocking Chair Reflections on "The Gia Experience"

Hello! I'm glad you've returned for another episode of Rocking Chair Reflections. This evening, I'd like to speak on the early stages of online connectivity and how that inspired "The Gia Experience".

When I was growing up, one of the most exciting events was when I had my 1st computer and my grandparents allowed the phone line to be utilized for dial-up Internet. Even as I type this, I can still hear the static plus phone dialing combination of America Online. Then, the "welcome" greeting, followed by "You've Got Mail".

Another wonderful discovery for me took place while I was in college. I discovered online chat rooms for people in my age group, my ethnicity, and my interests. That included creative writing. In some unique cases, individuals online knew me better than others who were around me everyday.

Since this was brand new, there was a lot of caution. The main reason being that it was dangerous, and you never knew who you were talking to behind the screen. That is, if you dared to meet in person.

Although online interactions is now commonplace, it doesn't seem as intimate nor as personal. It's nothing like the excitement and kinship of over twenty years ago.

With "The Gia Experience", using the lens of 1st person, I travel the thought process of one person in the quest to meet someone she's chatted with on line for many years.

The 1st stage: Fascination

The cyber world is a fascinating creation -- a God send to an individual like me.

In my neighborhood, no one was my age; either significantly younger or older. Although my manner attracted older souls, the external view would draw too much gossip of the negative kind.

Yet even an awkward introvert like me desired the universal nectar of being accepted, even in an unorthodox method.

The 2nd stage: Hesitation

Darkness permeated my core. I didn't want any sunshine entering, even if it was well intended. Gia approached me; I shut her down as well as out.

By the time I shook off the funk, darkness was replaced with guilt.

Guilt for how I treated Gia.

The 3rd stage: Courage

It's not like I'm preparing for a blind date. I was having difficulty deep breathing and meditating away the nerves.

I obsessively checked my appearance, hoping a happy medium was reached. To me, first impressions were important. I didn't want to give off any vibes that were erroneous.

Did the first meet go off well or end up in disaster? Find out in "The Gia Experience", only in A Scribe's Sentiments.

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