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The best way to describe Queen of Spades is an Antiquated Hybrid: a contemporary author whose writings have a down-to-earth resonance to anyone who reads them.

Since the age of eleven, Queen of Spades flowed with the fire of ideas indicative of rhythm inundated with stanzas. She made her writing debut as a presenter and poet in the anthology Soulful Branches: Words and Sounds. Her other poetry works include Reflections of Soul, the Eclectic collection, the Spaded Truths collection, Private Pain: Amidst These AshesR.I.P.(E).: Random Inspirations on Paper: (E)ve-olution, and the More Than collection.

Queen of Spades also collaborates in subjects she is passionate about. She provided works in the April 2014 poetry anthology Words of Fire and Ice by Durham Editing and E-books. In addition, she partnered with fellow author MJ Holman to address the stigma of mental illness: The Sea of Conscience and Waves to Light.

Storytelling took the spotlight alongside poetry in Queen's literary evolution. She has written five independent short stories: "Taint on Religion", "Mr. Bradley's Garden", "When Summer Lingers", "Finding My Heart", and "Gossip Girls". Furthermore, she has participated in a number of short story compilations, such as Continuous Drips, the Concordant Vibrancy anthology series, and the Divergent Ink collection (Crackles of the Heart, Pleasure Prints). She released her first short story collection A Scribe's Sentiments in 2019.

Some tout Queen of Spades is a Poet of the People. Others classify her as a Life Writer. The primary quality that remains consistent is her dedication to contemporary creativity while remaining true to herself.

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