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Short Stories

A Scribe's Sentiments

Humanity is the blank sheet of paper.
Profundity is the quintessential ink.
Transcendence is the inspiration.

Those three characteristics mark the composition of A Scribe’s Sentiments, the first short story collection by Queen of Spades. This assortment of anecdotes will make you think while taking you on a trip beyond the mind and into the soul.

Works include: “Knight of the Village”, “The Mysterious Tale of the Vanishing Toys”, “The Authentic Heal”, “A Shar that Flummoxes”, “Mr. Bradley’s Garden”, “By Its Cover”, “The Gia Experience”, “Highly Unlikely”, “Hope Lives”, and “Quincy: Redefined”.

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Mr. Bradley's Garden

Mr. Bradley takes tremendous pride in growing his garden and sharing the bounty with the neighbors. Over the years, an illness strikes that hampers his ability to do this deed, which has sprouted more feelings of entitlement than gratitude from the existing generations. When good things come to an end, does the attitude of the community remain the same or is there a deeper impact brought about by Mr. Bradley’s garden?

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Finding My Heart

Leopold Hawkins Threadbare is revered for his scientific genius, which has blessed him with great fortune. When the lovely Katarina is less than impressed, their disagreement spirals him into unexpected circumstances. Time is of the essence. The treasure is Leopold’s heart. The reward is his life. Discover if Leopold achieves success in Finding My Heart.

FMH Cover 1.jpg

When Summer Lingers

Dahna has always been an outcast and loves to paint her nails in different colors, as well as go to the beach. When Carr notices a nail mishap, it starts an unlikely friendship between two people. When Dahna discovers Carr's biggest fear, can their friendship survive the test, or will it drown while Summer lingers?

When Summer Lingers Cover.jpg

Taint on Religion

Natasha was taught three things: to love God, to love herself and to always go to church. When a sea of tragedy strikes in her youth, she strays from the path of God. Realizing the error of her ways, she seeks redemption in her adult years. Reverend Jamison and his church looks to be the answer to her prayers. Yet when things in the dark come to the light, Natasha is faced with a tough decision. Does she stay silent with her discovery or does she dare put a taint on religion?


Gossip Girls

Dahlia is the picture of societal etiquette. Minnie is one who craves to break away from cultural rules and family expectations. Sherann operates fancy-free, uncaring of how her life appears to others.


The rumors surrounding Juniper Casey bring together three individuals who may have not crossed paths otherwise.

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