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Royal Perspective on Reversal

Greetings everyone! I'm glad you have stopped by The Palace. The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 has been incredibly busy for All Authors.

From the release of the long-awaited Book 3 to the Fate's Endeavor series by C. Desert Rose ("If Death Should Find Me") ...

To the unexpected follow up to Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet by Adonis Mann and Synful Desire, entitled Simmer: Sensual & Spicy ...

To the triumphant return of the reimagined All Authors Magazine, Quixotic ...

To the close of the Concordant Vibrancy collection with the final book "Extancy" ...

What can I say? As an organization, All Authors has experienced productivity beyond measure even in the backdrop of dire circumstances.


I am going off script from the rest of the participants in Y. Correa's Reversal book tour, just to provide different insight and perspective.

Part of it serves as a behind the scenes peek at my and Y. Correa's interaction from the creative perspective. The other part will serve as my experience as a reader of the literature. So, it will be a mashup of the intended and unexpected.

The inspiration behind Reversal started quite a few years ago during a conversation she was having with a fellow author and friend A. Lopez Jr. He was unable to sleep due to a nightmare he had. Here's a snippet of their conversation:

Y: That would make a fantastic story. You should write it down.

A.: Naw, I am working on too many projects as it is. But you’re right, it would make a good story.

Y: Then maybe just jot down the concept this way it could be something that you could come back to later.

A.: No, I don’t think it’s my story to tell. You take it.

Y: Me? No, I couldn’t do that! That would be stealing.

A.: It’s not stealing if I am giving it to you. It’s yours, take it. Write the story.

As they continued their conversation, Y started putting together the bare bones and the inner workings. A concluded that it was Y's story, as if it was destined to be hers.

Y began the story immediately after their interaction, but it took three years to reach completion.

Part of it had to do with the number of projects she already had in her queue.

That is where Y and I, from a creative perspective, are different. Her literary methodology skews very traditional; she usually has a number of projects and has a set order and date in which to get them done.

I'm methodical in some ways, but when it comes to my writings, for me, it's always been more sensory than anything. I may put a "placeholder date", but sometimes, the project is done way before my date. Other times, the date doesn't fit.

The other part was that she was going through the gambit of emotions as to how she was feeling about Reversal, such as:

I don’t know if I am doing this story justice.

Dear God, it sucks ass!

What the fuck am I thinking?

Should I delete everything and start over?

Naw, I hate it. I’m dumping it.

Wait, this story is pretty damn good. Let me try to add a little more to it.

I love this story. Bad! Ass!

I totally need to finish this thing, like, right away.

😟 Sheesh, what am I thinking? It sucks! I’m gonna delete it.

But I can’t delete it, A. is counting on me!

Damnit! 😖

The bulk of Reversal was written during the NaNoWriMo event of November 2020. Y was participating in it along with another All Authors Publishing House author Da'Kharta Rising. Both were using it to make headway into their works, although not following the full guidelines of the event. Both of them are rebels at heart.

Once Reversal was completed, Y still had anxiety over whether it was any good. It was a similar uneasiness with Earth 8-8-2. Like she had with Earth 8-8-2, she permitted me to read Reversal to get my opinion.

After keeping her on pins and needles (unintentionally, I might add ... I never divulge my opinion on what I read until the very end), I gave her the, "You're kidding right? You really thought this was bad?" look.

Reversal is definitely a keeper. As we continue with the book tour, all of you will discover why.

In the meantime, here's the teaser trailer to keep you on your toes.

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