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Short Story Spotlight: ... and we

Though this was not the first story I'd ever written it was the first story I'd ever had published.

"... and we" was my short story contribution to "Concordant Vibrancy: Unity" the very first book in the Concordant Vibrancy collection by All Authors Publishing House.

I am particularly proud of this story, mostly because of the memories attached to it. It was the story that paved my way into the writing world. It gave me a name in so many ways. Before "... and we" I was just Donny, the introverted gay man that no one knew, the loner that loved the written word but had no one to share that with. This story opened the door for me to not just achieve my life long dream, but connect with like-minded people. Amazingly talented writers that accepted me just as I was. For this I will eternally be grateful to (1) All Authors Publishing House and its founders, and (2) "... and we".


Fierce decadence, blissful apex and euphoric ecstasy, all melded together in the whimsical melody that is us ... that is we! And we, delight in every second.

It is said that two is a crowd, and three is a party. In Ronan's case, three is nirvana.

Come take a trip down the sensual and sexual escapades of Ronan and his companions. "... and we" a short story of monumental impact.

You can also enjoy this story for free by downloading it from the All Authors Publishing House website or my own. Following are the links:

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