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Short Story Spotlight: Apocawhat?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Short Story Spotlight to honor National Short Story Month. Today I've invited Da'Kharta Rising to stop by to speak on her newest short story Apocawhat?

"Apocawhat?" is a play on the word apocalypse but with a twist. The questioning of "What's going on, really?" Brother Urvin and Sister Lizzie are preparing for what they believe will be a quiet routine day of stocking up on groceries. When they see the neighborhood grocery store crowded during a day and time when it's usually quiet, they must fight through their insecurities and anxieties to maneuver through the crowd.

Available at my site or at AAPH

👉For those who struggle with not being accepted in society, you'll be able to relate. 👉For those who get triggered when they are around large groups of people, you will definitely be able to relate. "Apocawhat?" is not my usual brand of heaviness, but when you read the story, you'll discover it's typical Rising Speak when you least expected.

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