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Short Story Spotlight: Brielle

Hello Awesome Visitors! I hope you have had fun thus far during National Short Story Month. So far, a few folks have stopped by to discuss and share information on how to get their freebies.

Guess whose turn it is?

Today I would like to discuss my newest freebie, entitled "Brielle". Although I played around with a few other titles, I decided to settle on my working title, which is rare for me.

Think of Brielle as a bit of a modern-day woman. She is laser-focused on her career goals. Brielle isn't relationship oriented but recognizes that she has needs. Brielle has an interesting way to fulfill said needs. I will let your imagination fill in the rest.

"Brielle" is a mix of relationship reflection, light erotic situations, and comedy. If you remember the vibe of "Handy", then you will get the gist of "Brielle".

"Brielle" is available on my website or in my Freebie section of the All Authors Publishing House website.

Until next time,

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