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Short Story Spotlight: Kona

Hello everyone! Welcome to Short Story Spotlight to honor National Short Story Month. Today I've invited Synful Desire to stop by to speak on her story Kona.

Please note that all of the works featured for short story spotlight are available absolutely FREE for your reading via All Authors Publishing House.


To jump start the day, nothing beats a great cup of coffee. Yet the eyes aren't the only body parts that get stimulated. Grab a taste of imagination on expresso while savoring Kona.

Hello everyone! I'm Synful Desire. I dabble in erotica, contemporary romance, and contemporary drama. In my micro short "Kona", I wanted to have a fun with the imagination based on a beverage most people love to savor, which is coffee.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy "Kona" while having your favorite beverage.

Until next time,

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