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Short Story Spotlight: Twin Flame Duplicity


Thank you for dropping by. I am grateful. 😊

May marks the commencement of one of my preferred months; Short Story Month. For those of you who may know a little bit about me, I am very much a short story author. Short stories are my personal favorite as I find that when done properly they can deliver a great punch in a short amount of time.

To celebrate Short Story Month the All Authors Publishing House Authors have come together to write freebies for all to enjoy throughout the month. As for me, it would be those who are inclined to my particular type of literature. 😉


In my time as an author I've branched out, explored other genres, and discovered that I am not the type of writer that can be contained or defined by one thing. Initially, in my writing career I believed that I was more of an LGBTQIA Sapiosexual Erotica author, however, in time I've found that I am many things. I encompass an expansion of genres, each one speaks about my soul and makeup to one degree or another. Among those things are some that, quite frankly, even I did not expect.

It was far past my imagination that I would be able to compose a drama of any sort, let alone a dark drama. Notwithstanding, I've learned that there can be sapiosexuality, profundity and the element of LGBTQIA in just about anything, dark drama not exempt.

With inspiration and a little vision one can orchestrate just about anything effectively.

Such was the case with my contribution to this year's Short Story Month. I'd like to present you with "Twin Flame Duplicity" by yours truly.


In a world such as this, can true love really exist? This is the question posed in Twin Flame Duplicity. In the heart and mind of a vastly intelligent individual, lady love is embodied in the person who holds Lovebug’s heart. For Sugar-beetle, love is dubious in nature and “hard to quantify”. Can one individual be irrevocably raptured whilst the other is ambivalent at best? Find out in Twin Flame Duplicity.

As mentioned formally, this is a free story. Therefore, it can be downloaded easily by visiting both the All Authors Publishing House website or my own. Following are the links:

As always, it was my pleasure sharing with you today. Please stay tuned throughout the month as I will be sharing more freebies of my own, as well as some from my publishing house comrades.

Sending Kind Regards,

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