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Short Story Spotlight: Vocal Remedy

Hello everyone! Welcome to Short Story Spotlight to honor National Short Story Month. Today I've invited Da'Kharta Rising to stop by to speak on her story Vocal Remedy.

Please note that all of the works featured for short story spotlight are available absolutely FREE for your reading via All Authors Publishing House.


Mr. Choice only wants the best in the choir competition. The cash prize will go a long way to funding the music program. He feels he has a top-notch solution when adding Vaser to the choir. Little does Mr. Choice know that Vaser has a different remedy in mind.

Hey. I'm Da'Kharta Rising, known to most as the Slightly Antisocial Socialite. It does seem to fit because I'm only social when need be, as in when I have to stick my chest out and talk about my works. Not that it's a strange thing. I mean, why would you write something you're not proud of?

Vocal Remedy was my first solo piece out of the gate. The precursor was just thinking about the strange, sinister, and unfair events which happen in the world. However, I wanted to create perceptions and characters where the reader is questioning it all.

Is Mr. Choice a bad man? Is Vaser a good youth? Is Vaser's perception accurate, or is there room for reasonable doubt? I allow the reader to decide.

So check out Vocal Remedy if you are into dark drama with a bit of a twist.

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