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All Things New (Final Day of Simmer: A Whimsical Liberation Presentation)

Hello everyone!

On Day 1 of this book tour, Ova Veugh conducted a special interview with co-authors Adonis Mann and Synful Desire in the premiere of Claret Conversations.

On Day 2, Adonis Mann stuck around to discuss his two contributions to the Simmer collection: "Simmer Smoothe" and "Smoothe & Sensual".

On Day 3, it was Synful Desire's turn to dish on her two stories, "Simmer Sweet" and "The Simmer of Spicy."

Today is the final day of the Simmer book tour. It was an honor to have these talents stop by the Palace.

Now, without further delay, let's get the premiere party started.


We at All Authors Publishing House have some exciting news to share.

Firstly, the Wordsmith of Whimsical Oases, also known as Adonis Mann, has joined his ink with the liberated pen of Synful Desire to form the simmering duo called …

Speaking of “simmering”, that brings us to the second reason for our enthusiasm.

Today is the fifth anniversary of when these two authors first combined their talents in Simmer: Smoothe and Sweet.

To up the ante for this special event, All Authors Publishing House is proud to present a newly remastered edition, not just the interior but the exterior as well.


When love simmers sweet and passion simmers smooth, rhapsody is efficacious rapture.

Tommy and Spencer were meant for each other, that is, until a serendipitous encounter proves to be an enormous revelation. Will Luke, Tommy's childhood friend, serve to change the tide?

Kesha has finally told Teresa about her feelings. The only drawback is Teresa's engagement to Chris. Will Kesha bask in the bliss that only Teresa can bring, or will Chris get in the way?

Come feel the ardent emotions which steam under a silky surface with Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet.

Now, for the final and most important reason for exuberance … the unexpected follow-up to Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet.

Whimsical Liberation, in conjunction with All Authors Publishing House, proudly present …


Adonis Mann and Synful Desire, the erotic duo now known as Whimsical Liberation, have returned with a steamy follow-up to Simmer: Smooth & Sweet.

Enter Simmer: Sensual & Spicy.

When seduction simmers Sensual and allure simmers Spicy, love is a Sinuous escape.

Adonis Mann (representing Whimsical):

The return of an unexpected lover marks the test to Tommy and Luke’s union. When Tommy is forced to face his greatest fear, Luke is left to hope for the best outcome. Will the overture of serendipity lead to sensuous gratification or love amiss? Find out in "Smoothe and Sensual".

Synful Desire (representing Liberation):

The fulfillment of simmering desire marked the foundation of Kesha and Teresa’s relationship. When Kesha becomes suspicious of Teresa’s attempts to spice up their sexual trysts, it triggers a hamster wheel of drama. Will Kesha and Teresa’s union stay the course or will the heat incinerate what they’ve built? Find out in "The Simmer of Spicy".

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