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All Things Smoothe and Sensual (Day 2 of Simmer: A Whimsical Liberation Presentation)

Good morning everyone! Queen of Spades here. Welcome to Day 2 of Simmer: A Whimsical Liberation Presentation.

Yesterday, both Adonis Mann and Synful Desire sat down with Ova Veugh for a special interview to start off the Book Tour. Today, Adonis has the spotlight while speaking on "Simmer Smoothe" and "Smoothe and Sensual".

Take it away Adonis.


Adonis Mann, here.

To be quite candid, at first, I had no idea what to write for this post. Then, Synful Desire said, “Well Donny, start at the beginning.”

So, starting from the beginning ….

It all started with Synful Desire and her desire to produce something desirable.

Whether it was the understanding of each other’s art, or the kinship of writing, or even the genuineness of friendship, I could not tell.

But, one day Ms. Desire asked me to co-author an erotic compilation.

Five years hence, here we are today. Two installments in and one saga complete.

Through bifurcate approaches, Desire and I traverse down an avenue of relationships and eroticism. Two tales that delineate the ups, downs, and all arounds of same-sex relationships … or any relationship for that matter.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Today, I’ve come to speak on the birth and growth of my story, “Smoothe & Sensual”.

Five years ago I wrote the first installment of this story which I titled, “Smoothe & Sweet” and had much to do with the bittersweetness of breakups and the tenderness of a reconnection with someone unexpected.

Before I get any further, allow me to explain that the word “Smoothe” is not spelled incorrectly. In my stories, Smoothe is a surname, thus, much like “Greene” or “Browne”, it is supposed to have an E at the end.

Now, returning to where I left off ….

The story that I bring you today is the saga that picks up where the last left off, but fast-forwarding five years. Here we see that Tommy and Luke have become a very serious item and are even planning on getting married.

Is it fortuitous that the story seems to start in a very similar manner in which the first installment was started?

No, it is not.

You see, Tommy and Luke have been through a great deal together. They’ve fought hard for the life they now share. And, as is Tommy’s makeup, he is a person of peace and reflection, albeit at times a person of spontaneous mischief.

However, hard times tend to bring out the creatures that lurk in the dark. Thus our story goes. During a time when mankind is licking its wounds and reflecting on its mistakes, Spencer Smoothe reappears. This is when the story takes a wild, and frankly, unexpected turn. But to the detriment of what? To the detriment of the peace that Tommy lived and thrives on.

So begins the whirlwind of mal-decisions and misdeeds that cause Tommy, Luke, Spencer and everyone else included to trip upon their own feet.

With all of that being said, I truly hope that you enjoy and come to love “Simmer: Sensual & Spicy”.


Thanks everyone for taking a trip with Adonis Mann on all things "Sensual & Smoothe". Come back tomorrow when Synful Desire talks about all things "Sweet & Spicy".

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