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All Things Sweet and Spicy (Day 3 of Simmer: A Whimsical Liberation Presentation)

Good day everyone. Queen of Spades here.

On Day 1, Ova Veugh interviewed the two participants in this collection, Adonis Mann and Synful Desire.

On Day 2, Adonis Mann took center stage, speaking on how he came to be involved in Simmer as well as sharing excerpts from both stories, "Simmer Smoothe" and "Smoothe and Sensual".

Today, Synful Desire stops by to share excerpts from her two stories in the Simmer collection: "Simmer Sweet" and "The Simmer of Spicy".


Hello Awesome Visitors! It’s Synful Desire, also known as the other component of Whimsical Liberation. Who knows? Maybe if this is popular enough to trend, Adonis and I can take our act on the road.

Hey, who am I kidding? I can barely carry a tune, and Adonis is only an expert on doing the two-step while sipping his wine.

One thing I know my partner and I do exceedingly well is providing portable, readable heat.

The concept of "Simmer Sweet" developed a few years before putting it into print. The story encompasses three traits: discovery, desire (no pun intended), and declaration.

Have you ever discovered a truth about yourself that may be uncomfortable to those closest to you?

Have you ever had desire for someone but debated whether to express it?

If you choose to express this desire, do you worry about the other person’s reaction, whether the response is acceptance or rejection?

All of these “D” elements simmer when the reader meets Kesha and Teresa.

Kesha and Teresa have a history of platonic friendship, but over the years, Kesha develops an attraction to Teresa. At the start of "Simmer Sweet", Kesha has just confessed her sexual attraction to Teresa, and Teresa is sifting through how this revelation makes her feel.

While Teresa is working through her feelings, an unexpected phone call changes something that could have been dismissed by Kesha as wishful thinking into a tangible possibility.

I will not be a spoiler, for those who have not read "Simmer Sweet". However, I will provide an excerpt to whet your appetite.

Confession: Originally, I had not planned on doing a continuation of "Simmer Sweet". From an author’s perspective, the tale of Kesha and Teresa was one and done.

However, as preparations were being made for a revamped Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet cover and interior, it gave me an opportunity to re-read Simmer Sweet. While going through the story, the questions which ran through my mind resonated as situations the readers would wonder about. There were enough inquiries raised to toy with the idea of another story that would answer all of those questions. Yet, I didn’t want to do it without my Hunk of Hot Literature Adonis Mann. Luckily, not much was needed to convince him to come aboard.

The extensive architecture produced the twists and turns involved in "The Simmer of Spicy". Unlike diving right in the deep end, as I did with "Simmer Sweet", I spent more time developing the character and mannerisms of Kesha and Teresa. This involved slowing the pace for the readers, so that they could become fully invested, not only in the two central characters but some new people along the way.

Here’s a small excerpt from "The Simmer of Spicy" to prepare you for an inkling of the drama to expect.

Okay Awesome Visitors, that about does it! I am stoked about not only the release of Simmer: Sensual & Spicy but also a special treat as it pertains to the 1st book Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet.

Until next time,


Thanks to everyone for stopping by on Day 3 of the Simmer book tour. Stop by tomorrow for the official release of Simmer: Sensual & Spicy as well as exciting news pertaining to the 1st release Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet.

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