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Author Insight on Amoresels (featuring Synful Desire)

Hello Awesome Visitors! Let’s Talk! Today, the wonderful Queen of Spades has permitted me to use her space to talk about what I perceive as the funniest story, the most challenging story, and my favorite story in Amoresels.

Funniest story

For me, the funniest story in Amoresels is “Taste on the Move”. It takes place in an office environment where the main character is in a meeting but his mind is elsewhere. I won’t expand on “the elsewhere” because it gives away the story, but I do think that everyone can relate to being bored or preoccupied with other things while at work.

Most challenging story

There were quite a few but the one that stands out is “Pleasure’s Blur”. In Amoresels, I challenged myself to take on certain topics that even I had to shake my head and ponder the appeal. “Pleasure’s Blur” dealt with the most challenging components. I believe I was able to deliver the content in a very authentic way while taking myself out of the equation.

Favorite story

I do have many favorites but the loveliest of all is a tie between “Moments in Time” and “Amoresels”.

“Moments in Time” is an excellent reflection of the ups and downs one experiences when trying to make a decision based on an unexpected discovery. As the story reached its end, I switched up the tidiness of time on purpose to reflect the transition from streamlined to unconventional.

“Amoresels” deals with two recognized yet often unspoken tools of stimulation: food and drink. I was tickled pink with coming up with the names of the dishes and their liquid counterparts as well as the couples taste testing the fare. I leave it up to the reader to decide how random or calculated the actions are that transpire after some bites and sips.

As always, Queen, it was an honor to be here.

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