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Book Release: Amoresels

Today we celebrate the release of a new anthology by author Synful Desire.

What is “Amoresels”?

“Amore”, Italian for love. “Morsels”, a yummy tidbit.

“Amoresels” is a short story anthology that takes the reader on a trip to all sorts of sexy scenarios. In “Amoresels” there is no fetish too crazy, and no desire too taboo. From the everyday to the not so common, Synful Desire takes the reader on quick trips to all things sensual.

The most savory and steamy can be found in the tiniest most unexpected locations.

Amoresels is an erotic flash fiction anthology crafted to satiate the rush for the ultimate stimuli quickie. Ranging from tantalizing teasers to eye opening kinks, Amoresels is a bold, unapologetic cornucopia of sensual liberation.

Featured stories include: “The Desktop Surprise”, “The Gamers’ Disruption”, “Laundry Day”, “Taste on the Move”, “GFY”, “Bookworm”, “Build-A-Mate”, “The Infomercial Purchase”, “House of Mirrors”, “Tree of Lust”, “Curves Gym”, “Suds and Such”, “Moments in Time”, “Moments in Time”, “Full Circle”, “Whale of a Sale”, “Scentacular”, “Pleasure’s Blur”, “Party Monster”, “Royals’ Delight”, and “Amoresels”.

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