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CV4: Inferno Tour (The Blaze of Commitment)

Greetings everyone! All is just getting started on the Concordant Vibrancy 4: Inferno tour. If you have not had a chance to do so, please check out Adonis Mann's feature about his story "Express-Oh".

Next to step in The Palace is Author Carol Cassada, sharing her process regarding her contribution "Not Always Like This".

The first All Authors anthology I participated in was Concordant Vibrancy 3: Lustrate. When I was invited to take part in the fourth Concordant Vibrancy anthology, I was excited at the chance to work with everyone again.

As we gear up for the publication of Concordant Vibrancy 4: Inferno, I thought I’d share details about my story Not Always Like This.

The theme for this Inferno is elements that make a sustainable blaze.

When I think of a blaze, I think of passion. Of course when people hear the word passion, they immediately think of love and romance. But I also feel that passion can also signify commitment. Throughout life, we commit ourselves to various things. There’s commitment to family, to our significant others, our jobs, and making changes in our lives.

For the story, I wanted to write a romance story with the theme of commitment. I admit I had a bit of trouble with the writing. First off, I had two different stories planned, but didn’t know which to choose. When I finally made my choice and started writing the story, I decided to switch up the ending. I had some creative hiccups along the way, but I think the story turned out great.

Not Always Like This focuses on the relationship between Amanda and Daniel. The story starts out showing the couple as newlyweds. They’ve just gotten married and Daniel has landed a high-paying job. The couple is madly in love as they celebrate this new chapter in their lives.

The story then jumps ahead to 10 years to show how life has changed for Amanda and Daniel. The couple is working full-time jobs while also raising their two young children. Yet, there’s one problem. Distance is growing between Amanda and Daniel.

While Daniel is busy working and trying to provide for his family, Amanda is left to take care of the kids. Amanda notices the distance growing between them, while Daniel seems oblivious. When Amanda and Daniel finally address their issues, they have to make a decision on whether to save their marriage or if it’s time to call it quits.

With Amanda and Daniel’s story I wanted to show their commitment to the different aspects of their life. They’re dedicated to their jobs and their children, but you wonder how dedicated they are to their marriage.

One other thing I wanted to focus on in the story is what happens when we question our commitment to someone or something. At certain points in our life, I think we start to question the commitments we’ve made. We wonder if we’re doing the right thing, should we continue on this path, or is it time to make a change.

I won’t reveal too much more about Amanda and Daniel; you’ll have to wait to find out what happens. But I will say I enjoyed writing the story, and I’m excited for everyone to read this collection of work that All Authors has put together.

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