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Lessons 5-7

Yesterday we touched on the first four lessons taught to Jasmine during her adventure to heaven. Today we will cover the final three, although, in actuality there are two lessons and one impromptu exposition.

Sit back, unwind and let life lead the way … I present you with Lessons Five through Seven of “From Whence Jasmine Blooms”.

Life Lesson Five: Choice

In “From Whence Jasmine Blooms” one of Jasmine’s teachers describes choices like so;

Choices are a vapid, inconsequential and flighty thing.

Oh how true it is. Did you know that on average a human being makes 35,000 a day? From whether or not they are going to hop out of bed to what they do just before they go to bed. Even at work people make multiple choices Choice making is so vapid in fact that most people don’t even notice they are making choices at all. Some choices are so inconsequential that they seem more like routine than anything else.

There are some decisions that we make however that are undoubtedly a choice. What our careers in life are going to be, how we are going to raise our children, who we marry … all these things are pivotal decisions that shape where we go in life. Some choices are so hard that some may argue that it goes against their moral compass.

In “From Whence Jasmine Blooms” Jasmine and her peers learn that not all choices are as “vapid, inconsequential and flighty” as some may think.


Here is where things get tricky for Jasmine …

Making choices goes tightly intertwined with choosing the hardest thing but more yearned for thing anyone can ever want.


The impromptu exposition is exactly that.

In the final stretch of the story Jasmine learns what true love is and how we can choose to live by it or not. Love, as stated in the story is “never easy” but is love worth the fight, that is the question that arises.

Every human being on the planet will tell you that love hurts—but does the end result make the pain worth the trouble.

In “From Whence Jasmine Blooms” Jasmine learns the true meaning of love. The question is, what path will she choose.


Tomorrow is the grand release of “From Whence Jasmine Blooms”, take that opportunity to see what Jasmine chooses to do.

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