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The Beauty of "Waves" and "Life"

Here reflection on the power of words :o)

Greetings everyone! Queen here. Hope all has been well. Not too long ago, I was asked if there is anything I've written that I perceive as significant but the audience does not.

I am not going to say necessarily that the audience "does not", per se. I am just basing this off the marketability appeal of the work compared to others that I have out there.

One of the books is a collaborative effort between myself and a fellow author. The other one is an individual collection I came out with a while back.

Waves to Light, although it can stand alone, is the follow-up to The Sea of Conscience. Both books deal with mental illness along with the stigma surrounding the issue. In the first book, author MJ Holman invited me to contribute poetry to the work. Waves to Light was more of an equal effort from both of us. She and I had different ways in which we approach our treatment to illness and wanted to reflect those differences in a poetic presentation.

Mental Health continues to be a hard subject to approach because of how it has been conveyed on television and how it is discussed. Usually the person suffering from it doesn't want to come forward because of how he or she will be perceived. If there is an open dialog, one will know he/she is not alone, and through this, tolerance and acceptance will be achieved. This definitely serves as an aid to those who are going through it and those loved ones who may not know how to cope if someone is going through something like bipolar depression or major depression disorder.

I decided to come out with a 2nd part to Spaded Truths, entitled Life-O-Suction, back in 2015. Although I still adapted the A-Z schematic to tie it in with Themes and Proclamations, I did a combination of prose and poetry and tied it in to how external forces can affect one physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Some may not be able to jive with the science behind the Spaded Truths collection, but this one wasn't designed for everyone.

Both Waves to Light and Life-O-Suction are available for purchase. Check them out and venture to see the beauty in "Waves" and "Life".

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