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Paradise & Pain (featuring Da'Kharta Rising)

Hello everyone! It's the 3rd day of the Pleasure Prints blog tour. I am honored to feature Multi-Genre Author Da'Kharta Rising. With her contribution, entitled "Masato's Zion", Da'Kharta Rising breaks down why Paradise and Pain go hand in hand.

Yo, what's cooking? Something to my enjoyment. Not that I really want the company. I just came for the food.

When the question for Pleasure Prints was dropped, I was unsure how to answer it. Most associations with paradise has to do with happiness, romance, and peace … you know, all the mushy junk.

I am an Antisocial Socialite. I don't do mushy. Yet, this collection is a one for all, all for one type creation. I did think of bowing out of this particular installment.

What changed my tune was a phrase by fellow author C. Desert Rose. Her whole spiel involves the interpretation of “happily ever after”. If the fairy tale ending could be subjective, why not my vision of paradise?

That got my gears going. I incorporated the traits that symbolized paradise to me. A righteous kill. The thrill of justice. Doing twisted things for the heck of it. An air of mystery which leaves the reader asking questions. The focal points being action and not a wallop of fluff.

The mix of all these characteristics resulted in my contribution “Masato's Zion”. Similar to “Inside Me”, it packs a huge punch with only a few words.

Now that I've had some dinner, best be going to my cave. I am binge watching American Horror Story. I would invite you to come but like I said at the start of this, I'm antisocial.


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