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Poetry Feature 16: Far From Father

Good day everyone. Queen of Spades here. Today I want to share a piece from Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes.

This work was one of the toughest to write but it did serve as a phenomenal catharsis for me. I did put out a disclaimer in a previous post that some content was quite heavy. If it gets too much for some, feel free to exit.

For those of you still here, check out "Far From Father". This is one example of what could happen if a man isn't (for whatever reason) opts to not be in a child's life without providing an explanation.

Far From Father

While you wandered on to live your life, I wonder if you ever gave me a second thought: If you ever stopped to even think to yourself— What happened to that one half of you That you left?

Did you ever give any thought to what you’ve done; How you can caress women’s hearts, Rape their souls and run: Leaving two children’s lives socially undone; Do you ever think of your son or daughter? If so, which one?

Do you think of your son— Whose mother was favored But was your lover on the side?

Or do you think of your daughter— Whose mother was hated: The main love you had to hide?

Do you not comprehend Because you were too self-absorbed, Not able to deal with your bright future Possibly coming to an end?

Or are you bitter inside, Wishing they would have taken the cash, So your mistakes wouldn’t have survived?

How can you go on existing, Acting content with the web of pain you wove?

If you were a decent man, you’d at least apologize Or try to explain, so these open wounds could close.

Oops, I’m sorry. I assumed you were decent.

Yes, forgive me.

I assumed you were a man.

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