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Poetry Feature 17: Humanity's Worst Nightmare

Hello everyone. Queen of Spades here, hoping that all is well. More poetry is in store from Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes.

It's Day 17 of National Poetry Month and the selected poem is "Humanity's Worst Nightmare". The imagery is a bit graphic but one can get pushed to the breaking point, especially if dealing with disrespect and mistreatment on the daily.

Humanity's Worse Nightmare

I. Overall, I think the human race Lacks humanity Because our tolerance for pain Is excessively high.

Overall, I think the human race Lacks intelligence Which is why they’d rather Be part of cliques than independent.

They are like snakes, Hissing at those who dare to be different, Swallowing our prides and hearts whole Demanding that we change.

If we don’t bend, then They decide to play with our minds Until our self-esteem is stripped Or we’re driven insane.

II. You can be the predator all you want, But I choose not to be your prey For I’ve decided that you will be the hunted And it is you who will suffer the pain today.

Now when the word n***er spills from your lips, Blood will spew forth with the help of my fists.

Now when you spit in my face, I’ll grab the most fragile part of your body And twist it until you faint.

The next time you are so bold

To sit your ass in my seat,

I’ll hit you one time to knock you out cold

And you’ll need help standing

On your own two feet.

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