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Poetry Feature 24: Waves to Light

Hello everyone! It's Day 24 of National Poetry Month. It's the final day of spotlight being given to Waves to Light. Today's poem is none other than "Waves to Light" itself. Enjoy!

Waves to Light

I’ve made resolutions

That caused me to end up

In a mental institution.

I had good potential

That kept getting pushed

To the backside

Until it became distant,

Then later disappeared.

I made vows

To do things differently.

I frantically searched

For a lifesaver,

Only to find them stolen

By things of the past.

But this time,

I spoke of no promises.

And this time,

I made no vows.

In the ocean of my silence,

Actions rose to the forefront

To make a way out

Before I talked too much.

On the surface,

I didn’t seem ‘bout it.

Really, I ain’t saying much

so I can be all about it.

No more delays;

No more somedays.

All of that is being replaced

With right nows

And todays!

No more perhaps.

So long to maybes.

My essence says it’s time

To achieve my destiny.

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