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Poetry Feature 7: Fish Grease

Hello everyone, everyone!

Welcome to Day 7 of National Poetry Month. Today is another glimpse of work from the Eclectic collection.

Now if your eyes are a bit sensitive to colorful d language, then you may want to skip this next poem. However, if you are brave enough, I invite you to read "Fish Grease".

"Fish Grease" represents the poetic embodiment of what "hotter than fish grease" would look like. Don't say you weren't warned ... lol.

Fish Grease

You don’t realize how much chaos I've been through! I assassinated myself, proceeded to start anew, Having a strange relationship with this Love stuff: Even when I stayed away, It never seemed to get enough. Guess just because It thinks I have a strong heart, Sensing I'm steadfast, knowing that I'll play the part, Yet there's so many claiming they want someone good, Then when the person comes along, The request gets misunderstood. Somehow got muddled in translation Or failed to get a proper dissertation, So busy reliving the results of failed Tragedies, Getting it mixed up with what's currently Reality. Should I have grabbed the dog collar and latex? Bark orders like you the slave and I'm the dominatrix? Whatever female friends you had before me, cut them off! Fuck with them again and I'm gone have to set it off! Guess you were too used to immature wussies. Guess just because I trusted you, I got viewed as a pussy, Not asking you to redefine yourself before me. I took you as you; that’s how it was supposed to be... (Kanye shrug) Marks the difference between a Grown Woman and a Silly Bitch. My looks Antarctica Ice Cold, But my emotions are at Volcanic Pitch. You thinking that everything's in the clear, Not knowing in 24 hours, you'd suddenly disappear; Used as a practice body in advanced anatomy classes, Shows none of you know shit about scorned Southern Lasses: We’ll cook for you, clean for you, greet you with a smile, But never fuck over us cause we will get buck wild. Other chickens got it wrong ‘cause you won’t see us coming! You probably didn't have a clue that we were even bugging Because we already know never act outside the part, Have you feeling Mary Jane high 'til we rip out your heart. I love full; I love hard; you were held up pretty high. One of the few people that I'd be willing to swap my life. So yes, it speaks volumes when you disrespect, ‘Cause then I start psychoanalyzing, Followed by the second guess; And that's a dangerous state for your existence: Union for a lifetime jeopardized because of your resistance. Will I write, “You're down to your last lifeline”? Will the caption read, “See you next lifetime”? You’re looking at me; still don't have a bleeping clue? Well, I got three words for you: Just stay tuned.

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