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Poetry Feature 8: The Send-Off

Hello to all. It's Day 8 of National Poetry Month. I hope the month of April has been good to you thus far.

I know at this point, you may be thinking that Eclectic maybe mostly full of heartache. However, just like life, Eclectic goes in waves.

This poem "The Send-Off" as well as "Where Love Has Lead Me (It Led to Loving Me)" (the poetry feature for tomorrow) promises to put a different spill on the scope of this collection.

The Send-Off covers one possible scenario that can happen once the proverbial light bulb has been lit. Enjoy.

The Send-Off

Yes this is my Last Hurrah! It is time for me to say goodbye, Not recreate but reminisce About the laugher (and the smooth lines) When you would talk about your life, And I’d see your eyes well up in tears. What could a friend such as myself do To take the sting away from those dark years? But I guess this is how the story goes. My great ability for Empathy… Didn’t anticipate you’d mistake It for Weakness And try to take advantage of me, And I know by now I wasn’t the only one You got to feel sorry for your little plight. I’m sure you had some others on standby In case one of the others didn’t do you right. Did you love me because it was the right thing to say? Did you feel that way about the friendship every day? I used to think it was really the last line, But now it is the first line that was really the shine. The gleam ripped away the Glass of Potential. The Reality of You sliced me to the bone! Which was real—the grateful one or who remained, The one who transformed the warmth into ice-cold? It’s just best for me not to rewind, Not to take that chance of going back; Would mean I have to put on the boots, Get my Heroine Cape off Its rack. It’s just way too much energy To shrink my Needs into Invisibility And take whatever are your Issues And serve them to Maximum Capacity. Now we have this Lifetime, downgraded to a Season, Yet intermingled by several mutual wires; Can they deliver enough power to fix the machine? Alas, New Technology is here; it’s time to retire.

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