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Poetry Feature 9: Where Love Has Lead Me

Hello all. Queen of Spades here. Today is the final day for showcasing poetic works from the Eclectic collection.

Today's poem is inspired by a long time friend (TLH), who I finally got the opportunity to meet face to face fall of 2019. She gave the piece its title as well.

Where Love Has Lead Me (It Led to Loving Me)

They say I’m going crazy,

But what’s crazy about knowing

The very thing that works for me?

I mean, it’s not like I haven’t tried

This whole “love thing”.

Hell, I’ve even been “in love”:

Four times as a matter of fact!

And each and every time,

It ends in disaster.

My heart feels like it’s been smashed

Between an Amtrak and a semi!

Is this really the type of thing

I should hold out my hands

And cry, “Gimme”?


The thing I don’t seem to get

Is the very same people

Who shattered my spirit with their lies

Have the very audacity

To occasionally stop by.

Thinking like I’m Jesus

And all their sins should be washed away.

I have to inform them that I’m human;

It just doesn’t work that way!

Um, so you want friendship?

But seriously….

How can I have a friendship with someone

That I couldn’t trust with sacred parts of me?

The logic, flawed oh, so tragically!

Like Paul McCartney of the Beatles:

Just let it be.

If you’ve found the love of a lifetime,

Then congratulations to you,

But your happiness and others

Isn’t going to change my point of view.

I wasn’t at my greatest joy

When I was joined with someone else

But after the relationships were over

When I was left by myself.

Don’t commit me to a psych ward

Or pump me full of numbing drugs

Because my way of thinking seems strange,

Nothing you’ve ever heard or thought of.

To some, I appreciate the concern.

To others, go save another life!

I’d rather be truthful and embrace this crazy

Than to perpetuate Romantic Love’s Lie.

I hope all are enjoying the pieces so far. Starting tomorrow, a new book of focus will be presented. The only hint I am giving is that it features some themes and proclamations.

Take care.

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