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Prequel: CV5 Book Tour

Hello everyone! Queen of Spades here. I hope that your 2021 has gotten off to an amazing start. Goodness knows that mine has due to what's coming up.

So ... how do I feel that the last book of Concordant Vibrancy is about to be released?

As a co-creator of the concept, my heart is filled with pride to see it all come full circle. Yes, there was a three-year hiatus. In hindsight, if that gap didn't exist, I do not believe that "Inferno" would have been as riveting and thought-provoking as it was.

As a participant in Concordant Vibrancy, I will miss working with the array of talents and the multitude of genres. There are some individuals that I have joint projects with in the distant future but there are others where Concordant Vibrancy was our main meeting ground. To not have that meeting space anymore is bittersweet.

Before we get in the thick of the Book Tour which starts on January 3rd, I want to give special thanks to all who were part of the Concordant Vibrancy concept.

Thanks to A. Lopez Jr. for his contribution in "Unity". The urgency in "'Til Death Do Us Part" left one on edge from beginning to end.

Thanks to Nicola McDonagh for her contribution in "Unity". Her way of making the reader see the story really brought "Butterfly Mask" to life.

Thanks to D. John Watson for his contributions in "Unity" and "Vitality". The plight of the warrior was on display in "Messarii's Blood Hunt" and one must be careful what he signs up for in "Life Extension".

Thanks to Harmony Kent for her contributions in "Unity", "Vitality", "Lustrate", and "Inferno". Her dabbling in different genres, including poetry, produced works that were a splash to all parts of the spirit.

Thanks to Carol Cassada for her contributions in "Lustrate", "Inferno", and "Extancy". The skill in her craft definitely shone with all of her stories.

Thanks to Beem Weeks for his different takes on the theme answers in "Vitality", "Lustrate", "Inferno", and "Extancy". HIs pen really reflects an understanding of mankind and the human condition.

Thanks to Adonis for his participation in all of the books. Although CV marked his beginning to the publishing world, his syncopation of ravishing intensity has remained consistent ever since.

Thanks to Synful Desire for her participation in all of the books. Delving into the unexpected with each contribution shows that she can take whatever theme is thrown at her and make it her own.

Thanks to C. Desert Rose for her participation in all of the books. Her profundity takes center stage no matter whether it's paranormal, situational drama or humor.

Thanks to Y. Correa, and not just because she's the other co-creator of Concordant Vibrancy, but because of how well she interlaced the elements and the themes together with each installment of the collection.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank Da'Kharta Rising. Although she was first only part of the 1st book and the final 3, she did agree to be part of the 2nd book as part of the relaunch. Her methodology is consistent and powerful, no matter what form it takes.

All may say it was an honor to work with me ... but truly, the honor was mine.

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