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Rocking Chair Reflections: Cover & Video Concept

Hello everyone! This is the final episode of Rocking Chair Reflections. It is fitting that it lands on A Scribe's Sentiments 1 year anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

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Cover Concept

Confession: When it comes to my book covers, I lean more on the abstract side. Not because I have a disdain for using people but because of my content.

Although the theme of A Scribe's Sentiments was inspiration, I didn't want to use obvious symbols to represent such. As I scratched my head on what to use, the working title (From a Rocking Chair) came to mind. It fit an antiquated ideal ... gathering around a rocking chair as an elder told a story. Some stories were whimsical; others exciting; others bittersweet to deliver a message and to resonate for years to come.

The rocking chair has a slight resemblance to the one I have in my living room area. The glow of the bulb and the backdrop of the rocking chair was to make both stand out amidst the dated color of the cover. Like an old photograph to treasure.

Video Concept

The video concept was even more challenging than the cover. Each story had its own individual style but I needed the proper music and structure to tie it all together.

Picking out music to coincide with a book trailer is more than just a groovy tune. The instruments, tempo, and transitions have to match with what I envision for my work. I can typically tell within the first ten to twenty seconds of listening to a musical track whether it will work or not.

The moment I heard the instrumental "Only Path" by EDOBY Beats, I saw all of my stories manifested to the melody. It was a "by golly I've think I've got it", you know?

Once I secured the music, I had meetings with the video designers at All Authors Graphic Design. I wanted the antiquated style of my cover and the video to mesh. I was only asked one question: What is one word you would use to describe each story? The 10 words I selected were shown, along with the titles of each story. The final outcome: beautiful yet effective.

Note: Yes, this video is on YouTube, but I am a fan of the crispness of Vimeo's platform.

And ... that's a wrap! Thanks so much to all of you for joining me on "Rocking Chair Reflections". Each story came from a deeper place than just a creative imagination. It's spirit driven, and may you find inspiration, light, and healing in A Scribe's Sentiments.

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