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Rocking Chair Reflections on "By Its Cover"

Good evening everyone! Queen of Spades, here again for a bit of Rocking Chair Reflections. Today I talk about the 6th story in A Scribe's Sentiments, entitled "By Its Cover".

Before I get into the creation of "By Its Cover", I wanted to share a tidbit in regards to story placement.

After the hint of sadness with what occurred in "Mr. Bradley's Garden", I wanted a story that had some humor in it. Looking over the remaining pieces, "By Its Cover" fit that transition.

"By Its Cover" is a eclectic mesh of game show, humor, and dabbling with the concept of Heaven and Hell.

Still confused? Let me see if I can provide clarity.

One night, I was looking at a game show. I can't remember which one but it got the cogs of my brain turning. What if going to Heaven or Hell was set up like a game show? Or a reality show with panelist to decide one's fate? These questions lingered long into the evening ... long after the show was over and I'd retired for slumber.

A creative way of answering my inquiries formed as I slept. Once I rose the following day, I jotted a phrase down. The phrase "Stairway to Heaven" ended up what I named the game.

Next were the contestants. In most games, there's a favorite and an underdog. The favored contestant was named Frank. The one most deemed the underdog was named Marty. Each contestant is given three scenarios, and it is up to the two panels (the Panel of Halos and the Panel of Horns) to decide who wins the ultimate prize: a trip to Heaven.

There are many touching excerpts but the one which is the most compelling is the exchange between Jesus and Jothi:

Jesus walked to his dressing room, thankful for the cool rag and water given to him by Jothi.

"Jesus, is there any finalist you secretly hope wins?"

"Jothi, you know I don't get involved. The game plays out like it's supposed to."

Jothi gathered Jesus' hair in a ponytail, securing the strands with a white scrunchie. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Just sometimes, I think the game is flawed."

Jesus sat in silence for a moment before replying, "Jothi, the game isn't flawed, but human beings are."

I will leave all to marinate on that. Who will win, Frank or Marty? Discover "By Its Cover" in A Scribe's Sentiments.

Also, please stay tuned on this website as well as my Social Media for an upcoming special on this very publication.

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