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Rocking Chair Reflections on "Knight of the Village"

Greetings everyone! Queen here. I pray that everyone's 2020 is off to a marvelous start. Today I want to reflect on a collection of mine that's soon to be a year old, entitled "A Scribe's Sentiments". It is my very 1st collection of short stories.

Today I focus on the very first story in the collection, entitled "Knight of the Village".

The original "Knight of the Village" was written around the summer of 2015, not too long after "When Summer Lingers" was completed. Due to my work on other projects, it sat in my short stories folder on Google Drive.

Once my publication schedule died down, I debated on releasing it as a freebie. Yet my inspiration took me elsewhere and invested in collaborations. Even with all that occurred, "Knight of the Village" remained on my mind.

In hindsight, perhaps the reason why I hesitated to release this on its own was that the tone of the work belonged in this collection.

The setting of "Knight of the Village" is antiquated, but the message is what transcends time. It is the neverending search for true, long-lasting love.

"Knight of the Village" presents Knight, a traveler in search of belonging and a place to call home. After Knight is accepted as part of the community, he casts eyes on Princess Phalicia and is immediately smitten.


One of the older villagers noticed the stranger's interest. A "tsk" sound followed, along with the shaking of his head.

"Why do you shake your head, sir?" the stranger asked. "Do you have a crick in your neck?"

"A crick? Fella, I'm not that old. Truth be told, she's not in your league," the villager responded.

There is just one problem. Princess Phalicia is already engaged to a nobleman named Bradley. Notwithstanding this obstacle, Knight develops a friendship with the Princess.


As Princess Phalicia became more comfortable with Knight, excitement blossomed at the prospect of their encounters. The conversations were usually trivial--about the weather, books, and their favorite foods.

Unfortunately, as her private life turned traumatic, Princess Phalicia desired a confidant. She became less comfortable with talking to her parents.

Princess Phalicia was in a new relationship. On paper and in presentation, her boyfriend Bradley fit her parents' ideal, yet Phalicia was not happy with him. On one particular day, Knight noticed her sadness.

When a tragedy hits the Royal Family, Princess Phalicia's heart is battle weary. Will Knight's patience and kindness be strong enough to soothe the scars, so he can be the love of her life?

There's only one way to find out the answer. Read "A Scribe's Sentiments."

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