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The Elixir of Optimism (Day 7: CV5 Book Tour)

Greetings everyone! Queen of Spades here. I hope that you are enjoying your time learning about the authors and the stories included in Concordant Vibrancy 5: Extancy.

Today in The Palace, Author Synful Desire graces the place with her presence. She shares an excerpt from "Rome's Debris" and why optimism is such a vital elixir.

Hello Awesome Visitors! Let’s Talk Optimism.

I know that may be a difficult concept to grasp, considering everything that is occurring in the world today. For the majority, the word “sucks” can apply to the year 2020. Like, seriously, can we get a redo?

But … there are some things I’d like to stay intact.

I had the opportunity to work with Adonis Mann once again, and just like that, Simmer: Sensual & Spicy was created.

It was all very impromptu, and yes, I am to blame for that one. But one has to strike while the iron’s hot. Otherwise, poof, the idea will be gone.

I am still high off the excitement of that release, which was back in December.

Another caveat that I’d like to keep intact was the opportunity to work with such fantastic minds for the final book in “Concordant Vibrancy”. I was unsure exactly where I was going to start or how I was going to go about it, but I did know that I had to show up and type as if my fingers were on fire.

But before I plunge into why I selected Optimism as the answer to the Extancy question, let me tackle the previous two.

What prompted me to be a part of the Concordant Vibrancy collection?

I liked the incorporation of elements and the theme questions. Plus, erotica writers were not excluded from participating. Although I could have submitted all stories with an erotic flair, I really pushed the envelope, even unintentionally wandered into a new genre. It just goes to show that no one knows what to expect from me at any given moment. I like delivering that element of surprise.

Which Concordant Vibrancy books am I part of?

I couldn’t resist being a part of them all. My stories are as follows:

“Lester’s Release” - part of Unity

“Return to Hues” - part of Vitality

“The Satiationship” - part of Lustrate

“Antipode” - part of Inferno and last, but not least

“Rome’s Debris” - part of Extancy

Now, back to Extancy and why Optimism?

When a person is going through a situation that causes pain, there are so many steps to get to a place of healing. A motivating factor must exist for someone to want to heal; otherwise, why do it? If an individual possesses optimism, the neverending light at the end of the tunnel, then it is the rebellion against the darkness. It is the encouragement that although it looks bleak, in time, all will be okay.

As you may know, rebellion and pressing on are two elements that are in my biology, much like my love for nail polish and fashion.

I am appreciative to everyone for stopping by.

Until next time,

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