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Rocking Chair Reflections on "Quincy: Redefined"

Happy Friday everyone! It's Queen. I wanted to cover each story as a bit of a countdown leading to the anniversary of A Scribe's Sentiments. Time is running out to get your electronic copy at a discounted price, so I suggest you click the underlined writing before it returns to its regular price.

Today I want to speak on the final story in Sentiments, "Quincy: Redefined".

A few years back, I composed a story entitled "Misfortune", which appeared in Continuous Drips, alongside author sistren Synful Desire and Da'Kharta Rising. "Misfortune" was a bit of an experiment, for I rarely start at the end and work my way backward. Yet, the style was perfect for the message I wished to deliver.

The two central characters in "Misfortune" was Tavena and her best friend Sheryl. Out of curiosity they wander into the shop of a local fortune teller. Both ladies are upset after being told their fortunes, especially Sheryl, who wants to do everything possible to keep the prediction from coming into fruition.

At this juncture Sheryl is pregnant and is in a relationship with a man named Quincy. Quincy, although he works long hours, is the ideal of a good man. When complications arise during the delivery of Sheryl's baby, a shocking revelation of what should have been a joyous occasion for Quincy and Sheryl turns out to be disastrous.

Fast forward to "Quincy: Redefined".

Quincy has moved to another area and now has his own business The Grease Monkey. His hard work and dedication to the community puts him in the running for a special award. During this time, he reflects on the journey which has lead him to this state:

After the breakup, working became more than a way of life. It was Quincy’s healing balm and his new serious relationship. Quincy dreamed of being in business for himself but needed to arm himself educationally as well as financially.

He took online classes and stashed away money at a more accelerated rate. Once Quincy accrued a substantial amount, the search for real estate began. Although his agent was concerned about having a shop in an “urban” location, Quincy’s mind would not be changed. It saddened him that many people would have to go to the next town over to get their cars repaired. What if the cars couldn’t make it that far? Why not have something local for the people?

Quincy adored his customers. The rapport was terrific with the neighboring businesses—all of them looked out for each other. To Quincy, that was what community was all about.

Another character in the tale is Tymauri. A boy who is experiencing some growing pains. Tymauri and his mama have a major argument which prompts him to take a trip to visit his daddy who is currently incarcerated. Unfortunately, Tymauri encounters danger which places a monkey wrench in his plans.

Glee and determination blocked out the pain as the green bike moved swiftly down the street. Tymauri was approaching a four-lane crossing.

“Was the turn a left or a right? Let me double check.”

Tymauri reached inside his jacket pocket, temporarily taking his eyes off the road. He sought the piece of paper where he wrote the directions. Tymauri left his cell phone at the house. It was a tricky move, since the phone had helpful navigator apps. This was so Mama wouldn’t stop him from this quest.

Just as he found the paper, something collided with the green bike. Tymauri was catapulted through the air. Upon landing, he blacked out.

Luckily, Quincy discovers Tymauri and is patient as Tymauri attempts to work out his next steps. His dialog with Tymauri prompts deep introspection, as indicated here:

While Quincy worked, Tymauri was in his thoughts. Although brief, the interaction with the youngster triggered regret that he didn’t factor in other achievements outside of work. Quincy was proud of his success but was the sacrifice of other dreams mandatory?

Quincy had an epiphany—the failure of his relationship with Sheryl broke more than his heart. It tainted his dream of being a husband and birthing a legacy. Other females attempted to peak his interests but they weren’t on his radar. His focus refused to be stymied.

Abeyant dreams occupied his cerebra from the start to the finish of his work. After placing necessary calls to customers about the status of their vehicles, Quincy vanished into the tiny office to prepare for the interview.

Will Tymauri continue the trip to see his daddy, or will he go home to his mama? Does Quincy win the prestigious award he's been nominated for? Is there a chance for Quincy to heal from the heartache caused by Sheryl?

Discover all this and more in A Scribe's Sentiments.

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