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Rocking Chair Reflections on "The Authentic Heal"

Greetings everyone! Queen of Spades here, and welcome to Rocking Chair Reflections. This evening, I sit and discuss the 3rd story in A Scribe's Sentiments, entitled "The Authentic Heal".

Have you ever read a book or story and found yourself wondering how a main character was faring? This question was a part of the creation of "The Authentic Heal".

"The Authentic Heal" is actually a follow up to a story I contributed in Concordant Vibrancy 1: Unity called "The Authentic Snap". "Heal's" predecessor was about a woman named Diann, who was going through the process of moving out of a home she shared with her former mate.

"The Authentic Heal" is checking-in on Diann, to see how she is faring since the breakup. Yet one does not need to read "Snap" to catch up on the action as reflected in this excerpt:

The authentic snap of years back served as Diann's wakeup call. Diann recognized the peril of self-sacrifice, but initially, the guilt of the self-infliction consumed her. The people who claimed to be Diann's support system knocked the wind out of her sails with their departure. Others feigned interest, only for Diann to work on their problems.

The emotional avalanche ... the spiritual disrespect ... moved Diann's feet in a direction she did not anticipate; the return to the psychologist's office, albeit a different one.

Diann discovers that no matter what changes occur in one's life, there are moments when what you walk away from returns, as shown here:

As the newbie got in proximity, there were some features identical to someone Diann knew. Her hunch was confirmed upon noticing the lady's arms. They were covered with equally spaced horizontal cuts--some aged, others fresh.

Yet it couldn't be!

The last time Diann saw this person, all was affluent. Diann ended up on the short end of the stick, cast out of a house she called home. When it was time to explain the fallout, many explanations were given to others. None were the truth; all painted Diann in the worst possible light.

Is Diann really in a space of authentic healing or will coming face to face with the past cause disruption in her rebirth?

Discover Diann's truth by reading "The Authentic Heal", part of A Scribe's Sentiments.

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