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The Elixir of Strength (Day 3: CV5 Book Tour)

Good day everyone! I have returned. We are still going strong on the Concordant Vibrancy 5 book tour. Speaking of "strong", this is an excellent segue to introduce the next participant in Concordant Vibrancy 5. I bring you Carol Cassada who reveals why strength is an important elixir that is paramount to one's survival.


(1) What prompted you to be a part of the Concordant Vibrancy concept?

This is the third time I’ve participated in the Concordant Vibrancy series. I’ve known Yasmin, Monica, and the All Authors family for a while.

When they invited me to be part of volume 3 of the anthology, I jumped at the chance. I loved the first two volumes, and to me the concept of Concordant Vibrancy was unique.

Participating in the anthology challenged my mind. I delved into my philosophical side as I contemplated the theme’s question. Then I had to create a story centered around my answer.

It was a fun experience, and Concordant Vibrancy helped break me out of my writing comfort zone. I was able to see what else I could create instead of my usual genre.

(2) Which Concordant Vibrancy books are you featured in?

I’ve been featured in Lustrate, Inferno, and now the last volume Extancy.

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside this wonderful group of authors who I admire. I’m sad to see the Concordant Vibrancy series come to an end, but I hope I’ll be able to continue working with All Authors in the future.

(3) Why did you choose a certain attribute as your answer to CV5's theme question?

I choose strength as my answer to the theme’s question, and when I say strength I mean emotional strength.

My CV5 story is inspired by my own life. Alzheimer’s runs in my family. My paternal grandmother had it, and my aunt was her caretaker. It was heartbreaking watching my grandmother’s mind slipping, and although my aunt never showed it, I knew it was tough on her.

Now, several years later, I’m in the same situation.

My mother was diagnosed with dementia about two years ago. At first, I didn’t want to believe it, but after confirmation from the doctor, I had to face the sad truth. I also stepped up and became my mother’s caretaker.

Being a caretaker isn’t easy. Aside from the physical stress, it can also exhaust you mentally. Seeing the person you love have their memories and their personality taken away is difficult. I’ve had moments where I broke down, wondering why my mother has to go through this, and worrying about the future.

As I explain to everyone, there are good days and bad days. Although there are challenging times, I manage to pull myself together to be the best daughter and caretaker I can be.

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Thank you Carol for sharing such a powerful and personal story. Keep your eyes on The Palace for more authors and more stories during the Concordant Vibrancy 5 book tour.

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