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When a Conversation Creates

Greetings everyone! Queen of Spades here, reflecting on the power of conversation.

It was around five years ago (perhaps more) when I was having a conversation with fellow author Y. Correa. We had been watching some of these reality shows. No, not like Love and Hip Hop or The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank). It was more like those shows where people try and find love, yet you see the two people together and shake your head.

On this show, in particular, external wise, there was an imbalance. One person was quite easy on the eyes and the other was a face only a mother could love. In this particular episode, the guy was "hot" but the female was "average".

This led to the question, "Could the hot, handsome guy fall for the average, awkward moment?" This was the building block of the 1st book in the Divergent Ink short story collection, "Crackles of the Heart". Y. Correa and I were joined by four additional writers who wished to answer this question in their own unique ways.

In 2019, the 2nd book in Divergent Ink "Pleasure Prints" involved the interpretation of the query "Where is paradise?"

I don't see myself as the birth mother of Divergent Ink any more than I see myself as the brainchild behind Concordant Vibrancy (although some may think I'm being overly modest). Honestly, I'm just pleased with the creativity that is sparked based on whatever question is present.

In the Summer edition of the All Authors Publishing House newsletter, "Crackles of the Heart" and "Pleasure Prints" are the stars of the show. Feedback comes from each participant as it pertains to the inspiration behind their contributions.

Click on the seal to check out the Divergent Ink website.

In addition, there is a giveaway being hosted on both books in the Divergent Ink collection. Click here to enter and best of luck!

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