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When Heaven Speaks (Location Interview)

Hello everybody! I'm C. Desert Rose. Queen of Spades has been gracious enough to let me set up shop to talk about From Whence Jasmine Blooms.

The bulk of this visionesque tale takes place in Heaven. So ... I thought, why not invite It to ask some questions? Needless to say, it looks like Heaven had some time for me!

Eek! :D Awesomeness!

Does Heaven look in any way like Earth? If it is, how so? If not, what would Heaven be comparable to?

For the comfort of it’s pedestrians, yes Heaven does have a similarity to Earth. Of course, it is on a much more ethereal and celestial scale. This means, don’t expect to be walking on concrete or cement roads. Here the roads are made of gold and the seas look like crystal.

What is the mode of transportation in Heaven?

Magic! Just think of where you want to go and you’ll be there. But, have no fear, for those who like long commutes or road trips there are options. Anywhere from riding on the local pegasus to taking the express air train. The transportation is only limited by your imagination.

Are there any beings that you would like to deport from your location? If so, why?

Well, the idea is that only the deserving people go to Heaven. So, we are praying that there aren’t any unwelcomed citizens. If for whatever reason one has made his/her way in, that person will be caught and deported to the Eternal Fire.

What is the currency in Heaven?

Love. You don’t need money to pay for anything. All things are free. Had there been a currency then it wouldn’t be Heaven. However, all things are acquired and paid for through and with love.

If I wanted to pick up a beer in Heaven, where would I go?

You don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to think about wanting one, and BOOM, there it’ll be. That’s the way things work in Heaven. You can have whatever you want whenever you want it.

Are there seasons or time in Heaven? For example, does the sun go down laying way to the rise of the moon? Do the leaves on the trees change color?

There is no time per say. Heaven is eternal and in so being time is elusive and intangible. However for the comfort of the residents—especially those who love the look of changing season—that does exist. The thing about it is that you are never too cold or too hot. You can see the snow and still come outside without a coat as the temperature is always perfect. It’s magic, what can I say?

Heaven, thanks so much for chatting with me today. For more of Heaven and Jasmine's journey, make sure to check out my book:

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