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Happy Anniversary Reflections of Soul!

Greetings everyone! Queen of Spades here. You have probably noticed a lot of activity in The Palace because of National Short Story Month. However, I did want to pause, on this day particular, to speak on Reflections of Soul.

Today marks the seven-year anniversary of the publication. It feels very weird to even type that word, almost surreal. For as many of you know, Reflections of Soul was almost the poetry that not only wouldn't get published or even worse, almost met flames.

It had nothing to do with whether I believed the content was of quality. Honestly, it was personal. The inspiration which brought forth the work put me through a lot of trials. Mentally and emotionally. I do not place all culpability on this person. I take responsibility for seeing signs this was not a good fit, yet wanting to push forward. For payment of time invested. For extra emphasis on the good times, how we meshed artistically. When it was good, it was beautiful. No clouds could ever taint the light. When it was horrible, it was horrible. It was challenging for light to enter.

For a while, I wasn't sure I'd be able to have Reflections of Soul around me without feeling that Soul. Without every piece triggering a memory. At one point, I even hid the poetry but kept stumbling upon the collection.

At the encouragement of late author, spoken word artist, and activist Chantay Legacy Leonard, I switched seeing Reflections of Soul as a painful reminder to something which could provide catharsis. Once my view of the work shifted, I was able to press forward to moving it from my house to public viewing.

Before I review Reflections of Soul's updated cover, I would like to thank Kali Tenee for designing the original Kindle cover and Anthony J.F. Minter for designing the original paperback cover. Their visions for the work mean a lot to me.

New cover

The newest cover for Reflections of Soul is a bit more contemporary while clinging to the core elements of the content. In addition, I've truly made Reflections of Soul "the little book that could" by switching from a 6 x 9 size to a 5 x 8, making the paperback a bit more portable friendly for those who still like the feel of a paperback.

It was earlier this year when I pondered on Reflections of Soul having a visual accompaniment. I liked what I achieved with R.I.P.(E). and Life-O-Suction. After many months of researching music, compiling visuals, and proper wording, I finally arrived at a trailer that meshes with the touching content within the pages.

I am grateful to Dansonn Beats for the use of the musical track "Mockingbird" to complement the whimsical air of the poetry while highlighting the ups and downs of the content.

Now, with no further delay, the debut of Reflections of Soul, the book trailer:

Reflections of Soul can be purchased on Amazon.

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