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Poetry Feature 2: Faded Dreams

Good day everyone. Queen of Spades here.

It's Day 2 of National Poetry Month. Today, I will continue focusing on poems from my 1st poetry collection Reflections of Soul.

Before I continue, a very quick update:

~A special thanks to All Authors Graphic Design for the recently updated cover.

~A new size for Reflections of Soul will be revealed. My goal is right in the nick of time for this collection's seven-year anniversary.

Today's selection is entitled "Faded Dreams". It plays with whether happiness and peace are acquirable constants or merely fleeting abstracts. Even when a person thinks one's relationship or existence is going well, circumstances can expose one to the sobriety of reality.

Faded Dreams

Happy is what I dream. Delicate touches of hands kneading the stress that tries to cling to my skin. Peace is what I yearn. Loving traces of tongue exploring places that had long been neglected. My Heart has wings, for Love is a butterfly, taking off into the air into the vast unknown … Then, I clutch my stomach, throbbing from rough knuckles. … alas, Reality is home.

For more work similar to "Faded Dreams", don't hesitate to grab Reflections of Soul (click title for purchase link). It is available at Amazon and other retail outlets.

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