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Poetry Feature 3: Just Something

Hello everybody! Queen of Spades here. I hope Friday is a relaxing day for all thus far. Today will conclude a brief showcase of poetry from Reflections of Soul.

It is amazing that the end of May will make seven years since its publication. This little book has come a long way. Thanks to those who have already read it and those who continue to spread the word.

To provide some uplift from what's going on in the world, I present "Just Something". Once things resume some normalcy, perhaps a new appreciation for one's surroundings and the everyday mechanics of life will blossom.

Just Something

There’s just something about the outside that makes living so much easier. Troubles are cast by the waste side. You can look at your surroundings and beam with pride. Today, I stepped outside with a new appreciation for all that God created. The wasp danced on my wrist but decided not to sting. The sun and wind played together while caressing my skin. The leaves and the birds composing symphonies. But mostly, it’s the scents which tickle my nose and keep me outside. The musk of freshly cut grass, the perfume of growth, flowers happily in bloom. Everything feels so brand new because Spring is on the rise. Yes, there’s just something about the outside that makes me feel new, too.

If you are a fan of "Just Something", grab a copy of Reflections of Soul, available at Amazon and other online retailers.

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