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Poetry Feature 10: Beauty's Battle Cries

Hello everyone. Queen of Spades here. It's Day 10 of National Poetry Month. So far, you have been treated to poetry from Reflections of Soul and Eclectic.

Today, it's time for some truth and proclamations in the form of Spaded Truths (Book 1).

Before speaking on the first feature selection, a little back story about Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations.

This particular collection has 26 poems, arranged In alphabetical order. Prior to the poem, there is a statement, known as a proclamation.

I am not going to do all of the letters but have selected a few for your viewing pleasure. The first letter is B and it has to do with different visions of beauty. Society has come a long way but still has a long way to go.

Beauty's Battle Cries

**True Beauty has no measurements.**

The Anthem

Oh beautiful, we females are In every shape and size! Fuck Vogue and other magazines Showing no woman over a size nine. We all should rise, Unite and fight Against this shit in print, So we can gain back self-esteem For every damn dollar we’ve spent.

The Teaching

External perfection is a lesson That should be ignored. I’m tired of feeling all this paranoia Whenever I go outdoors.

Obsessed with whether I’m showing A mole or a dark spot, Wondering if the clothes I got on Are hiding a roll or not.

TV Showing women thin as a stick: I’ll never be it. It’s just in my damn genetics To be curvy and thick.

We go out and spend cash To get flat abs, Big tits, And a shapely ass, Trying to fit the mold Of the next Playboy centerfold, Running around like mice Chasing cheese in Society’s trap.

The Philosophy

We wonder why our girls Have low self-esteem. Instead of keeping grades up,

They’re studying Seventeen:

How to get guys to like them, The newest breast implants How to dress stylish

So they won’t be the jokes of the class.

Got them throwing up During lunch break, Wanting to stay beautiful While watching their weight.

We leave them as victims Of Playstation and Prime Time Instead of investing family values And promoting quality time.

The Rebellion

I will continue to fight For the right to be different.

I will continue to fight So that right will be reserved.

I will continue to cultivate My own inner beauty And break away from the chains Of makeup, boobs, and booty.

I will continue to maintain For my unborn seed: To instill in her the importance Of Individuality.

And to kick anyone’s ass

That tells her she needs Slim Fast:

To utilize her personality and her mind,

For that’s where true Beauty lies.

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