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Poetry Feature 29: The Whispers Beyond

Hello everybody! It's Day 29 of National Poetry Month, and I continue to dish on all things R.I.P.(E). Prior to sharing "The Whispers Beyond", you may be wondering how I came up with the acronym.

R represents "Random". The energy behind this work caused the pieces to be written randomly. Not planned. Purely in the moment.

I represents "Inspiration". That is self-explanatory. The sources of the inspiration: spirit and catharsis.

P represents "Paper". That speaks to my roots. I tend to write my poetry on paper prior to transferring it onto an electronic document.

E represents "Ev(e)-olution", the combination of Eve (woman) and evolution. The turmoil one faces can be a conduit to one's own power if one takes the lessons from it and adjusts accordingly.

The Whispers Beyond

One of the first songs

He placed in my message box

Was the video for “Heaven Sent”.

Although the sentiment

Was touching and extremely sweet,

I silently thought too soon

For such a spiritual sentiment.

Not too much later,

The melody of Jodeci

Promising to love me for life.

Although the proclamation

Was riveting and heart wrenching,

(Unseen by him), I shook my head:

Too early to be someone’s new wife.

Circumstances closed our distance

And he was being ruthlessly insistent

That the Lord above had answered his call:

It was him and me—once and for all.

Our timetables were somewhat askew,

So Spirit’s call didn’t attempt to phone

Until he was away earning his keep.

I was asleep as well as alone.

The visions were crisp, abound with clarity

And in perfect sync was a trusted seer.

Rationale shrunk as Joy’s light shone.

I snapped my shackles and became a believer.

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