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Poetry Feature 30: The Spirit Directive

Hello everyone. Today is the final day of National Poetry Month. It has been a pleasure to share poetry on this blog from each of my published collections as well as posting freestyles on my Instagram page @antiquatedhybrid.

All of my poetry collections are available for purchase on my Amazon Author Page:

In this final feature piece "Ev(e)-olution: The Spirit Directive", it is an introspection as well as observation of human behavior based on my experiences in the love arena. I'm sure others will be able to relate as well. Enjoy.

Ev(e)-olution: The Spirit Directive

I wish someone would have pulled me aside,

Or sat me down, even whispered in my ear

To tell me the road to companionship

Is extremely long and winding—

That I’d encounter very few “I am … and”

And mostly countless detours of

“You are … but”.

Should I blame my Mama for chasing the California sun,

Or put it on the Sperm Donor for never showing up?

Do I dare chalk it up to my Grandpa for only seeing His angel,

Or conclude that it was my Grandma for sheltering me so much?

I got told all men want a good woman:

One that can find, mold, and elevate

The King in him.

But what happens when said men

Still want to be boys?

What transpires when said men

Never had a King around?

You have a cluster of good women

Planting seeds in mulch

That will never reproduce.

You have so many good women

Placing blame on themselves

When, quite honestly, they had

No chance in Hell.

I’m constantly told:

“You are everything I thought I wanted.”

“You are everything I know I need.”

“You are the complete package of what

A Soul Mate and a Wife should be!”

Unfortunately, soon after, the narrative changes:

“I don’t know why things changed.”

“She was there, and I couldn’t resist.”

“I am in love with both of you.”

“Sorry, I am in love with someone else.”

It makes me wonder if being good is worth it

When in today’s Society, infidelity is expected.

I’m supposed to happily distribute Brownie points

If I’m lucky enough for this faux pas to occur just once.

What happened to the likelihood being never?

Am I the only one remaining

That believes in monogamy,

Not spreading my mouth or thighs

To do a revenge cheat?

I rebel against the Standard of today.

I recognize that my way may take a lifetime.

Yet, I deserve much more than being somebody’s “but”.

I will continue to be who I am

Until someone special comes along

And truly values me.

Never with a “but”: only with a period—

A Happily Ever After:

The End.

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