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Poetry Feature 12: Intangible Treasure

Hello everyone. Queen of Spades here. For those who celebrate the occasion, Happy Easter.

Just to lighten the mood, I'm presenting the following piece from Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations called "Intangible Treasure". Enjoy.

Intangible Treasure

**Joy is indeed a treasure; if you get it, hold on to it.**

Whenever the sun wipes my forehead Or the rain kisses my hands, Even when the grass tickles my toes, I know Joy. When I feel the racing of my blood, The pounding of my heart, The rise and fall of my chest, I know Joy. When the world is racing around me, I’m moving in slow motion. When the crowds curse, yell, and scream, All I hear is whispering wind and the ocean. When the faces are painted with scowls and frowns, I still look at them and smile Because I know Joy And Joy is in me.

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