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Poetry Feature 13: The Anger of Kindness

Hello everyone. It's Queen of Spades. It's Day 13 of National Poetry Month. The showcase is still on Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations.

Today I address the question, "If kindness got angry, what would it look like?" Find out in The Anger of Kindness.

The Anger of Kindness

**Kindness is on the verge of being extinct.**

All I wanted Was to know what it was like To touch lives. To deliver a smile Or put a light in someone’s eyes. I never really Asked for much Except for a simple “Thank You” And someday, For the love to be returned. But the more I give, The more you take; The more I care, The more you forsake. Although you’re careless And treat me as if I’m Just a word: I’m much more than that! I have broken barriers Tougher than Plutonium. I have moved mountains That before wouldn’t budge. I can magnify third eyes To make differences Seem not that strange. Yet, you pretend Not to know my name. You go along with what’s wrong Because embracing me Makes you feel ashamed. You turn me away Just to see guns blaze Or the degradation Of a woman looking sexy. You cut me off: Giving me only two minutes of time. Sports and weather get five each With the rest focused on crime. It hurts too much to love you And keep getting rejected by you. With tears forming in my eyes, I bid you forever, goodbye.

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