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Poetry Feature 14: Respect

Top of the day to all! Queen of Spades, here, back for Day 14 of National Poetry Month. For today's featured piece, I used the letters in the word "Respect" to create different scenarios. Enjoy!

Respect (Acts and Consequences)

**Respect you first.**

Act One

Realize your opportunities Explore them all Set reasonable goals Persevere and stand tall Equate that with success Congratulate yourself Travel on to happiness

And don’t take any shit From anyone else.

Act Two

Romance yourself Excite yourself Soothe yourself Play with yourself Express yourself Cum by yourself Tantalize yourself

And expect the same type of orgasmic bliss When bringing in someone else.

Act Three

Raping of Self-esteem Essence destroyed Sadness seeping through the body Performing undesirable tasks Eruptions of anger Careless mistreatment Tumultuous tragedies

Could be the end result

If you don’t respect you.

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