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Poetry Feature 15: Abyss

Happy Wednesday everyone! Queen of Spades here. We are halfway through National Poetry Month. The time has definitely flown by.

Before we wish Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations on its way, here's a short interpretation on yearning via "Abyss".


**Yearning is both bliss and torture.**

The abyss Was bliss As long as I pretended You never existed.

The abyss Was bliss As long as your charms I constantly resisted.

Don’t get it twisted!

I have to play My version of mind games To keep from going insane.

I lie in the bed While a figure similar to you, Does sprints in my head.

But one day, Maybe I will dare To escape the abyss.

And maybe,

I won’t regret

Experiencing a different bliss.

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