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Poetry Feature 18: Eviction Day

Happy Saturday everyone! Queen of Spades here. It's Day 18 of National Poetry Month and Day 3 of sharing pieces from Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes.

When a person is fed up, one does what one can to establish some level of peace. Sometimes, that does mean someone has to exit stage right.

I present "Eviction Day".

Eviction Day

Misery loves company Which is why I prefer To be by my damn self!

I admit it took some time To get back my pride And realize That you’re so full of lies!

You didn’t have enough Love for me To stop dicking these hoes Any time you pleased.

You didn’t have enough Respect for me When you flaunted your actions In multiple degrees.

You didn’t have any Reverence for my mind Because you played psychological games All the fucking time.

And the excessive drama “Made me wanna holla”!

You’re a succubus, Stealing glee And feeding off Any weakness in me.

After the third time, Rationalizing Love is blind, Someone should have shaken me And kicked my damn behind!

The first time only lasted for a week. The second time occurred Because I was abandoned And emotionally weak.

When the third time was given As a chance of redemption, Another woman’s nail marks Appeared on the back.

I tried to maintain, But had to conclude:

People don’t change Just to stay with you.

People change Because it’s something they want to do.

So for me To even expect you To eventually be:

An honest Romantic Patient Loving Partner That could keep his Dick out of New Pussy

For as long As we were involved Would have been improbable.

So I’m kicking your ass out. No need to curse and shout, Stop by my house Or even at my job.

You had three strikes

And you just struck out.

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