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Poetry Feature 20: Inner Torment

Good day everyone. Queen of Spades here. We're approaching Day 20 of National Poetry Month. Today's poem is of a reflective nature, entitled "Inner Torment", from Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes.

Inner Torment

How many chances can a person give Before deciding that he’ll never change? How many sad scenarios must occur Before concluding things will remain the same? Is it better to long for something bad Than to long for nothing and be okay? Is it stupid of me to just remember the good times Before the terrible memories washed them all away? How can sexual Heaven and Hell Reside in the same man? How can one man unleash my sinful side While making my other attributes cringe and hide? Do I go on trying to lick my wounds Or move on with another man As a way to forget? All these decisions, mixed with inhibitions. Yes, I admit: I don’t know myself.

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